Sunny Leone is unlikely to have a baby due to pregnancy! 😱😨😭

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Sunny Leone family again new guest! Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber have adopted Nisha Kar Weber last year. They told about the arrival of two more new members in the family.

On March 5, posted a picture in Instagram, Sunny wrote in the caption, 'God's plan! Weber and I know on June 21, 2017, in a very short time, we are going to be the mother of three children. We planned to build a family, and many years later our family was filled with Ashar Singh Weber, Nooh Singh Weber and Nishan Kar Weber.

Our boys were born a few weeks ago, but in my heart and eyes many years ago. The Creator planned something special for us and gave a big family. We are now proud parents of three children - parents Surprise everyone! '

Last year, in July, Sunny-Weber adopted the girl Nishan. It is not clear whether they have adopted adoption or mother-father through Sarogesi. However, while adopting Nisha, Sunny had said that it is not important to have a child herself or to adopt it.

Sunny Leone: "I can not tell about others, but for a moment we do not even think that it is not our child," said Sunny Leone. It was a matter of starting a family to us. And it is not possible to get pregnant due to busy schedules. So we thought about adopting children. '


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