Only 13 days of marriage, the news of death in the country came from their mobile phones 😞

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Only 13 days are married Ankhi Moni and Minhaj Bin Nasir They went out of the house on Monday for the honeymoon in Kathmandu, Nepalese capital after departing from all over.

The US-Bangla Airlines flight took place at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Please arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu on time. But the plane crashed during the landing of the flight. New couple in the plane to die

Kushal Yasir, the friend of Minhaj Bin Nasir, was killed on Tuesday. He said that the deceased bridegroom, Akhi Moni and Minhaj Bin Nasir, were staying in Mohakhali in the capital. On February 28, the yellow and the 3 March receptions are Akhi Moni and Minhaj Bin Nasir After the grand celebration, they were sent to Hanimun in Nepal by the initiative of the family.

Kushal said that after the crash of the US-Bangla Airlines flight in Kathmandu, Akheni and Minhaj's mobile phones came to the news of their death in the country. At present, there are bodies of the newlyweds in Kathmandu hospital morgue.

49 people, including 26 Bangladeshis, were killed in Monday's crash in the US-Bangla air crash. 22 people, including 9 Bangladeshis, were injured in the hospital.


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