Bangladesh has responded to critics! 😈😈

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Who should not take the test status of Bangladesh? Some people questioned directly about some of the size of Bangladesh's test status. That Bangladesh is behind the once-impressive West Indies at number eight in the Test rankings. Former Bangladesh captain and current board director Akram Khan has seen this as a response to Bangladesh's critics.

Bangladesh on November 10, 2000 at the Bangabandhu National Stadium in the field of Test debut against India led by Naimur Rahman Durjoy. Then it is about one and a half years. During this time, the number of slopes and slopes in Bangladesh has passed. Bangladesh has surrendered helplessly surrendered before the opposition many times at home and abroad. One innings defeat after one. Often five days of testing have ended in three days. And it was possible that former players such as Geoff Boycott, Greg Chappell, got the chance to get the chance. When they get the opportunity, they have taken the test status of Bangladesh. It was doubtful of the three reforming cricket reforms policy, can we play Bangladesh and Test?

Naturally, there is a lot of anger against the people of Bangladesh. So, at eight numbers in the ranking, Akram Khan, as a reply to criticism, said, "How we started, many said many things about our test status, we did not have time. Now we have responded very well. If we can keep track of how we are moving ahead with the cricket boards and players, then we will go further. This is a great achievement for Bangladesh. "


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