Showy asian grapes, fruits that invite admiration.

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Maybe among steemian no one knows about this fruit, or maybe even never seen it at all. If you see it very interesting isn't it? and already know the appearance of this beautiful plant, in the shape of a charming and pretty purple color, is the fruit of Parijoto as people on the island of Java say for this plant.

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#Parijoto fruit with the scientific name Medinella Speciosa L, which belongs to the Melastomataceae family. There are many benefits of Parijoto fruit, one of them for pregnant women. Parijoto fruit or plants are found in many highland areas, and many are also found growing wild in the home yard area of ​​the people in the cool mountainous areas such as in Java and in the central highlands of Aceh in particular.

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Medinilla speciosa, and other famous names are showy asian grapes, so beautiful isn't it? The original Parijoto plants originated from the island of Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, Java, Kalimantan and also part of the Philippines.
#When the fruit is young, it is soft pink and reddish purple when ripe. In Kalimantan, this plant is found in the mountains of Kinabalu Sabah. Agroecologically thrives in mountainous regions with cool climates.

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Enjoying the exotic look of attractive flora that reaches high up to 122 cm is very pleasant if it is cultivated as an ornamental plant, the garden elements are planted in pots or directly in the land or garden of the yard. The beautiful showy asian grape likes a slightly moist place with moderate sunlight, precisely the natural location that is shaded or protected by other shady tree media.

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This plant is a mainstay in several world botanical gardens, including in Denver. How exotic and rich in the nature of the archipelago is it not?
To grow well, this plant needs moist soil and moss, suitable for planting at an altitude of 700 to 2,400 meters above sea level. In general, parijoto plants bloom in November to January, after which they will be ready to harvest again in March to May. With good care and a supportive climate, this plant can flower throughout the year.

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Parijoto fruit is small, clustered in each stalk, the young fruit is pink and reddens purple when ripe. The level of maturity affects the color structure, usually pink to purple. While the fruit flavor is sour taste mixed with the taste of bad taste |sepat|| Acehnese language klat, is it unique? Parijoto plants are often found in villages on the mountainside. Because the appearance of the Parijoto fruit is beautiful and attractive, the fruit that has purple and round clumps has been cultivated by people for sale as an ornamental plant. Plants with the designation like the name of the human "parijoto" we meet a lot in plant conservation as one of the mainstay plants in pots.

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Parijoto fruit has long been used as a medicinal plant, especially in the mountains on the island of Java. Traditional use of Parijoto fruit is often found in the Central Java region |Kudus|| to be exact, as well as in other areas around it.
#Research on parijoto fruit scientifically is containing, Saponins, Flavonides, Kardenolin and Tannins. This identical parijoto fruit is very good for nutritional enhancers for pregnant women. What you already know about the efficacy in general is that the fruit is consumed by pregnant women after their biological age enters the top five months. But it can also be consumed at gestational age from two to three months.

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The other benefits of Parijoto fruit as a medicine include:

I)● Can fertilize the womb in pregnant women.
This can be done directly just to eat the fruit of this plant that is ripe.
II)● As a medicine for thrush.
Take fresh fruit as much as 4 or 6 grams, before washing, and finely ground and dissolve in about 100 ml of mineral water, then use it for gargling. The remaining is taken after that.
III)● For diarrhea medication.
Pick up 15-20 grams of fresh parijoto leaves, wash them first and then boil with 450 ml of water until boiling for 15 to 20 minutes, filtered, after cold then drink twice a day morning and evening.
IV)● As a cholesterol drug.
Can immediately eat the ripe fruit.

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These are some of the unique properties of Parijoto fruit, it may be that not many people know about it, Plants from Nature are so many benefits for human health.

Do not be surprised, in a country far away like in America, Europe and Japan, plants that have the scientific name Medinella Speciosa has become one of the attractions as the most hunted ornamental plants, although the seeds are hard to come by and are sold at relatively high prices. But they did not discourage their lovers of exotic ornamental plants to be planted or cultivated in their yard and garden.

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Dikhuen lee wak sagoe jeh bungoéng Anggur, wak daerah jawa ipugah Boh parijoto. Man nan keren jih "Showy Asian Grapes", tapi mang cantik bit njoe takaloen toe boh njan. Thanks yaa bro @rahmat1.

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