Crismon Color : Nation Color of Nepal

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Hello everyone!!


One of color that i like is, Crimson as it is really beautiful colors. Crimson color represents physical energy, lust, passion, and desire. Crimson color symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. Crimson color are symbol of love, anger, danger and adventure. So, it has both good and negative aspects. Crimson color is most famous for the flowers. Crimson color is really normal color and in Nepal it is really popular. As we know one of the symbol of Crimson is love. This is picture that is clicked by brother. This picture of rose a flower of love or beautifulness. It is really beautiful and great flowers. There are almost 100 species of flowers made there are different colors of it too like Crimson, yellow, blue, pink and many others. Rose flower species are most found in Asia and it is really popular for it flowers cultivation too. It is used in society as a gift and it has great smell.


Crimson color is for everyone and most of the people favourite color is read. My nation color is Crimson so it is widely used in Nepal. Crimson color is used in traditional value too as. So, in the crimson color the scripture of Buddhist religion is written.


As we know Nepal is multicultural, multireligious, multilingual country where almost 10 religion are found and one the highest people of Nepal is wearing Crimson by Hindus. All the religions, and caste have different traditional and culture. Nella is place where almost 120 caste are found and almost 120 language are spoken here. One of popular thing about Nepal is it cultures and it is picture that I clicked where I visited a wedding in Nepal which was really amazing. I really enjoyed that wedding and great to know traditional and custom of it. Here is the pictures and almost all the women are wearing Crimson saree.

All pictures belong to me.
Hope you like my picture.
Be happy and enjoy yourself
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