black caterpillars like trains running in leaves

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how itchy his caterpillar makes the body red

this is a very venomous caterpillar if our limbs about this black caterpillar especially its feather plumage contains toxins that result in full itching

when we look carefully the shape of the caterpillar body is like a train car that berkotak on the side and length of his body makes the attention for us to see directly and close to his

this caterpillar often we find in shrubs that grow a lot of plants and flowers that have beautiful petals that make this caterpillar slowly eat the tip of this leaf so it can damage any plant because of its itchy substances piercing happy plant growth so it will not bear fruit

as seen in this photo



if we get this worm better we avoid it do not get exposed to parts of our body especially if exposed to the face would be very itchy and make our skin like allergic to food

and vice versa for small children who like to play in the foliage in order to be careful in stepping and need the attention of parents to protect the child from any matter including with this caterpillar because it is very dangerous

in appearance at first glance I was really interested in his body shape because as if I saw a train running in the leaves yes all there is its beauty

just so long ago my story may be useful and draw all attention in keeping ourselves from the caterpillar that is harmful to plants and we certainly are



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