How to put your FREE Downvotes to work in 2 easy steps! 🚩

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Step 1: Delegate to @steemflagrewards

50 SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP

Step 2: Join the @flagtrail.

     Flag trail provides many options to trail downvotes on content that has been carefully reviewed and approved by our team of moderators. Set up the solution that works for you!

image.png Link in the image.

These may be found on our #definitions-of-abuse channel on our Discord.

You may also find them in my "Downvote Gangs of NewSteem" article linked in image below:


Step 3: Profit! While helping to keep Steem clean!

     You will then be slated to receive tokens that may be used to boost original, engaging content that makes our blockchain better and better.

     We also serve the function of deterring bad actors that otherwise continue placing downward pressure on our token's value.

Not to mention our dreams!

That's all there is to it!


100% of this post's rewards will be burned delegated to @steemflagrewards

This post was created using the eSteem Android app. They've really come a LONG way since I first tried it. Great work, yall!

     They also have a referral program that promoted users to onboard to our great chain. Sign up using my referral link to help support my efforts to improve the Steem blockchain.

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@anthonyadavisii, It's really important to make this Ecosystem more Content Friendly, sometimes it's difficult due to the Decentralised Structure because then it requires more Collaborative and Community effort.

Here i liked one point the most and that is, where you said every post is reviewed carefully, that sounds really effective aspect and i want to appreciate your efforts.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

signed up; will increase delegation once I catch back up to 500

too bad the game we discussed never came about

Delegated 100 SP. Will resteem and follow. Thanks for the good work guys

"This post was created using the eSteem Android app. They've really come a LONG way since I first tried it. Great work, yall!"

It's funny you say that. Back when I started on here I didn't even know about I thought eSteem was the blockchain. It really has come a long way and it's still my favorite way to post.

I'm definitely going to consider the downvote trail. Anything to help increase value on the platform is worth trying!

Flag trails really need to become a thing I just think people are scared to get caught up in retaliation at the moment downvoted still seems contentious so I’m happy to put my own stake and account on the line and if more people are keen to be brave and join yes please let’s have fun with flags and clean up steem

@steemflagrewards and @anthonyadavisii

Thank you for your post. You present an interesting concept. Isn't there somewhere I can read more about your processes? I can get behind something like this, but I have some concerns.

Does the group have specific guidelines for downvoting? What earns a downvote? Also, if someone gets a downvote, would they receive a remark as to why they got one? Is there an opportunity to have the downvote removed? Finally, would the severity of a downvote be by degrees?

There are some horror stories out there, and I think adding some transparency would lend tremendous validity to your processes.

Thank you for your time.


resteemed, thx for all you do!

If this is the case, then all members with down votes have nothing to worry about, in as much there's a way out. Keep up the good work. Thanks for coming up with this. I'll make a deal as soon as possible.

Why is it my upvote making your money earnings going down.. What the..!!!!

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