The Source

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The Source of Everything. The Creator. All That Is. God.

We all know it under so many different names. In fact, we’ve spent thousands of years trying to understand it, illustrate it, write stories about it, create religions around it. And yet, here we are, still struggling with having a full understanding of it. If we’d understand the Source, I believe our world would look completely different than it does right now.

The reason why we cannot understand the Source is that we are trying to understand it with our mind. It cannot be understood with our mind alone. It cannot be understood by reading a book, no matter how ancient and clear, by deep conversations with the wisest of men, or by hours of rituals and recitation of prayers.

It has to be FELT to be understood. It has to be experienced. We have to touch the light emanating from the Source with our own hearts and become one with it. There is no other way of getting God.


And once that happens, once we create an authentic connection with the Divine, we no longer need (yet might still want to) to be connected to the reflection, which is exactly what – a reflection of the powerful energy, not the Energy itself.

Yet, here comes an interesting part. Just like we know that it takes time to be able to get used to a bright sun as we wake up in the morning…it takes some time to get used to the Divine Bright Light. Most of us would be blinded if we’d look at the Light Source without first looking at its reflections.

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to spend time looking at reflections in order to connect with the Source without being blinded. An authentic connection with God is a powerful experience, it even might be at times overwhelming for those who are not used to being connected to that all-powerful Source of Creation in that way. So take your time, let yourself be slowly filled with Light. Too much light all at once might have the same effect as not enough light – we might lose our clear site for a while. When that happens – rest :) Yet once we establish a connection with the Source and are filled with Light, there is no need of going back to its reflections.

As we are all beginning to be filled with more and more Light on the global scale during this shift of consciousness, many of us are experiencing exhaustion, feeling tired, sleeping more, and overall craving more rest. This is a normal reaction and the only remedy is listening to our bodies as well as letting go of all emotional baggage. When we travel light, we don’t get as tired :)

Namaste my friends