Basket cake

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Good evening, friends, don't feel the Chinese New Year awaited by Thionghua people will arrive soon, really fast if last year the Chinese New Year came in February and now the Chinese New Year arrives in January and what is its own characteristic is the cake basket, Chinese New Year without cake it feels incomplete

And like in previous years, I always order baskets with my brother-in-law, but this year because of the flood disaster, this year's Chinese New Year will seem mediocre and because I'm used to distributing basket cakes to my children's teachers. if you don't give it less afdol, then I try to order it online, but what I get is just disappointed because it doesn't match what I want

I thought the cake looked big and the price was pretty much 80 thousand rupiahs, it turned out that what came in a very mini cake was really disappointed in me this year and didn't know what I would do with the cake😤

By @ anitacarolina


Mau satu 😋😁

Kerumah atuh😉