regret for negligence

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The world is beautiful .... but we can't use it.


Neglect makes us far from success and is close to regret.
** You have to know, for what we live in the world. **
This life is like a person sailing in the middle of the ocean. Seafarers just to find supplies to go home to their fourth place. Bigitu also lives, only to find supplies to return to our origin.
In our world only to look for practices and successes of the afterlife, many provisions or practices that we already have, '' if you do not search again '', "if so ... have fun and keep looking so that there is no regret when we return to the original place we (the grave)a


You must have each religion, and its teachings. But what is your religion, and what are the advantages of your religion.
I am #ISLAM, and our god one is #ALLAH, we are using RASULULLAH, MUHAMMAD SAW. We follow him and his best friend. I myself am very happy with Islam, a lot of pleasure, presenting goodness in our lives. Islam is beautiful, Islam brings us the glory of GOD.


For all friends who are Muslims, you must never neglect your religion, and do not neglect, because we will regret it if we neglect.
We do not have the provision to return to our place of origin, our lives will never be calm in the world and the hereafter.

thanks to friends steem. Hopefully useful for all of us.