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Enjoy the afternoon sky on a very beautiful beach. The beauty of bagkan can make residents and visitors around to be quiet for anyone who looks at it. Because the light is so warm giving the impression of calm and indulgent.

A light brought by the atmosphere to the earth is one of the main factors that make the sun set so that it has color. The atmosphere consists mostly of gas and some other molecules. Because the atmosphere of coating the earth eats what we see it is affected by the gas layer contained in it.

So also with water vapor and various other small partkel like dust, soot powder and sarik salt intake coming from the ocean. As we have seen in volcanic eruptions it can also deliver various dust particles in the atmosphere as well as pollution that causes the addition of dust and gas in the atmosphere.

If we talk about light and solar waves it is a color produced by that light depending on the wavelength and frequency. Basically the light moves in a straight line unless there is a disturbing gas molecule like shape, dust or other.

So this is what affects the colors produced by the light. Because at sunset, the resulting light must travel long distances through the atmosphere before the sun conducts its exposure.

Therefore, the setting sun has different colors from orange to reddish color. This is because the wavelength is blue and hi much shorter than red and orange waves.

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