Types of Fresh Water Fish in Indonesia

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For me, learning to know fish is to learn to know the benefits first. Why is that? Because honest since childhood I do not really like to eat fish. But the more I am big and know the benefits of fish is very good for health, I started to consume it. Until now the fish become one of my favorite side dish.

Yes, fish is a good source of animal protein for the body. In addition, fish are also rich in unsaturated fat content, which will not make cholesterol accumulate in our bodies. Although the saturated fat content of marine fish is higher, but freshwater fish also has superior advantages that make people prefer it. Namely free of mercury chemicals, which are usually contained in marine fish due to seawater pollution. So freshwater fish is safer for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and toddlers.

These freshwater fish are of many kinds, so we have a great selection of fish that can be processed and served for beloved families. What kind of fresh fish is a favorite for consumption yes.

Who would have thought if the mujair fish originally came from African waters and in Indonesia itself was first discovered by Mr. Mujair in 1939 at the mouth of the River Serang, south coast Blitar, East Java. Therefore the fish known Mozambique tilapia in English, finally named Mujair to commemorate the inventor.

The shape of this fish is flat and generally grayish black. Mujjair fish has a maximum length of 40 cm with tasty meat and not too much thorn.

How to cultivate mujair fish quite easily can only be dried fried eaten with chili paste, or dipesmol yellow spice that will increase your appetite...


Small cayenne pepper, this term is suitable for small eel fish that are small but very slippery and agile with long tail fin and have no ribs.

This small fish can also change sex, for example in the young age of female, in the future that is when the old age will change into male sex. Well funny, yes!

Want to eat eels rich in nutrients? Dried fry using krispi flour, guaranteed crunchy and savory plus a plate of warm rice