My best friend

in esteem •  last year

Here is a friend from my best he is a friend from small to adult now is still good to keep the rope silahturrahmi this photo I take when he time in the field while taking a break in the cottage fitting there is a chance I see if he again hold a gun toy then I photograph him and I apload to steem

Because I see there is a unique in this photo and in the picture he again hold a gun toy in pindok again at noon after eating our photo photos and also there are other friends who are selfi selfi but I did not have time to make it possible in another chance I will try to upload it in this steem

He is a gentle and funny person again his name hamdani so kalo asked about age yes if at first glance we look like 17 years old ya already already ya bay bay .....

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apner best friend ke aie photo te onek valo dekhacche bro.