Crypto Exchanges That I Use

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Choose wisely


This is a selection of several exchages that I have use. Please do your own research before using that exchange

When I first started to know steemit and learn the other crypto currency, I have never been using any exchange. Not until several months on steemit i started use exchanges, which on that time i was looking for a better price to buy steem to power up. Then the more I leran and know about crypto I found out that there are so many exchanges available out there. It's all depends on us which to choose and which is convenienece for our needs. Here is several Exchanges that i use, and two scam exchange that stole my coin.

  1. Bittrex
    This is the very first exchange that i sign up for after some months making content on steemit. I tried to get a better rate to sell my SBD and buy some steem to power up my account. It is a good exchange, and also has a lot of volume. The only lack of this exchange is that i can't withdraw my money to my bank account as there is not Idr pair in this exchange. I need to trasfer my crypto to another exchange that allows me to withdrawa the fund to my bank account.

  2. Indodax (formerly known as
    This is the well know and the first crypto exchange in Indonesia. It has an office in Bali. Most of the Indonesian use this exchange to trade crypto or to withdraw the funds from other exchange. In which unfortunately taking so many fees for many transaction.

  3. CryptoBridge
    It is relatively new exchange with the help of blockchain. Cryptobridge is known for being the decentralized exchange, means there is no central body that control teh exchange. You have to keep your password yourself. Just like the private key in steemit. Once you lost it, then it means you lost your acces to your funds. They also has so many coin listed there, mostly those new projects. So if you wish to get into a new project, this is the place you have to check. The only problem in this exchange is that this exchange is so laggy. The page is freeze often times, and you need to have a very good internet connection.

  4. Coinexchange
    This is another good exchange that i have use. I register to coinexchange before i try cypto bridge. it also has many coin listed, but several coin has so little liquidity. And it also gives you a notification everytime you log in into your account.

Scam Exchanges

This is a sad story of me. I have been struck twice by a scam exchange.

  • Coinmarkets
    This exchange is a small exchange but has so many small crypto project listed there. That makes the exchange a bit famous for airdrop hunters just like me. And it went scam almost a year ago, when suddenly the site when off. They said that they are upgrading the system, but it took months to make the exchange back online for a few days before it finally went off. Leaving all my small coins burried there. My friend lost almost 1 btc in that exchange.
  • Cryptohub
    this is the recent scam that hits me. they said that they were getting an attack and lost many coins. But the problem is they have found the problem before the attack but never tried to fixed it. and now they are shutting down thier exchange.
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