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hello friends !!
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this story about cucumber.
cucumber plant is, one of the creeping plants. Its fruit is very liked by the people of Indonesia.

Since the appearance of the fruit will be visible in the whole fruit is filled with small thorns are not sharp. the more the fruit grows the more obvious the shape of the thorn. I thought picking the cucumber waited until his thorns disappeared.

Apparently it's even a big mistake. It's a bit late. Cucumber fruit should be harvested when not cooked properly. consequently the first passage fruit is a bit old and not too sweet. It's okay, so can learn right.

The cucumber's thorn was easily removed. Just rubbed with the thorns will fall.

cucumber with another name cucumber, cucumber, or bonteng (Cucumis sativus L) is a vines. Cucumber fruit can be processed into various types of cuisine, can be used as a drink or for beauty.

Cucumber is a kind of seasonal crop. This means that after the planting and fruiting plants will die. one plant can produce approximately 20 pieces.

If you want a large fruit, the amount of fruit should be limited.
cucumber plants should be treated on guard since small, if the let will fail to harvest.

thank you for reading my pos

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