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f image"My uncle င့ ် long ...
What I do not know why ... "

"Hmm ... what to do"

"... I do not know anymore,
Do not ask me "

"Gates ..."

He will also give him the upper hand
If I can not
I am very patient

"Three or four thousand ကျမယ်"

"Bo ..."

Quickly, "three thousand three thousand shekels of silver"

"I said three thousand dollars because I do not know or ask"


What's the shape of dollars, say ...
Even at a dollar, you know what the image of the president's

I can not "be treated"

For "two thousand"

"No ... That prison used on the desk"

"မ့ ် ဘာမှလဲ"

My face is very stiff
Yes, to ask if there is a sin
Ton Ton has to pay

"So why my င့ ်"

"What is less cable plug cat Ba
We have to change ... and then to Jim Wine "

"Do not save ခွမ်း"

"Uncle, unless you know what's going on in this time to try ...
He is my teacher "


Say some little face and shut up and go ...
So complicated it can also come from the money
In fact, do nothing င့ ်
You are asked to enter the phone number without the

"Deny store three thousand ..."

"အေးပါကွာ ..."

I roll the money from the bitter eye
Shake hands ...
What shakes him at PO Box

"I have ..."

"Bind faster than ..."

"A person quickly acquires fast now, I want to ...
I would ... "

"... so my phone was cold"

"Porch dorm Maki (set) ... gerem ...
တင်းတယ် appointment ... "

"This site"

"Uncle, unless you think, because you have to try ...
He's going to go "


Shoulder, I no longer hang out ...
has been observed

"I have, when you drink"

"Anna does not have ..."

"The first thing that tries to save this website
True true taste ... Tell me what to do "



"I am"

"I just ... was Bastard
I fled to escape ... "

"... nothing ... now i do"

"I take my brother's body ...
Long time ago ... "

Dark desire ... င့ ် ...
My analysis of the four ex-girlfriend in the rise house prices
Start to escape ... Powered by perdebye
I run back ...

I had to look back or the name

Look up!
#nnnt Nyein Maung


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