Defamation is a heinous act

in #esteem3 years ago

Is that slander?
The answer is because they really want to cover up.

The reality of a person is proven to do all things that are destructive even to blatantly colonize with all silence that is slander.

For example, a colonizing country and fighting a country and fighting the country with another is a very cruel slander.

Then why slander happens because they want to benefit from the victim of slander even attached by banging between good with good.
And silently not saying that slander is deliberately made a blunder to be used as the biggest maneuver of chaos in the world.


Selamat berkarya kembali bang aldialbest. Menyo han jeut bahasa barat ,meulaboh...mayang bang...sang tapikee ngon ta eu gamba tok-tok, paseuti ta sangka nyan gambaran burong taeun ijo bro/burong brok muka. Jangan takut sama mereka tapi yang paling kita cemaskan adalah nafsu dalam diri tanpa benteng agama.

Gambarnya seakan menggiring ke arah penafsiran blavk magic, teryata pesahnya yang intrinsik yakni bagaimana cara lahan sawah tidak lagi diminati pasukan pipit dan sekutunya. Kami senang bang Aldi aktif kembali.

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