Why does not earn revenue from Google and Facebook? The High Court of Rule Bangladesh

in #esteem3 years ago (edited)

Search Engine Google, Amazon, Social Media, Facebook and Video Sharing Website Youtube directives from the advertisement of the government immediately for the VAT-tax, the government's relevant division has ordered the High Court.

Today Justice Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Md. A division bench of the High Court comprising Ashraful Kamal ordered the interim order. The court has issued a rule to show why these institutions will not be ordered to collect revenue. Four weeks, the secretary, law secretary, postal and telecommunication secretary, information secretary, Bangladesh Bank governor, NBR chairman, BTRC chairman and concerned authorities have been asked to respond to the rule.

Deputy Attorney General Motahar Hossain told BSS that the court has asked the government to initiate steps to collect VAT-tax immediately from the digital advertisements sector. In addition to the rule jury, the concerned people were asked to constitute an expert committee on the matter. The committee, which has taken the money from the companies mentioned in the digital advertisement sector, is taking the report. The court will file the report on June 25. The matter will be fixed for the next order on June 28.

Six lawyers of the High Court filed a writ on 9 April against Google, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube on the charge of tax evasion. Advocate Mohammad Humayun Kabir Pallab, Md. Kauchar, Majedul Quader, Sajjadul Islam and Apurba Kumar Biswas. Deputy attorney general Motahar Hossain was present in the state.

Writer lawyer said. Humayun Kabir told reporters that in the era of technology, Google is now an integral part of daily life. Internet users are now eager to see ads in social media. Increasing use of day by day Increasing number of internet users. Displaying advertisements on this opportunity, millions of dollars from the country are taking advantage of the world's renowned companies. But they are not giving a one-penny revenue to the government. That is why the writ petition was filed in the High Court.


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