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Writing on steem could be a very lonely exercise, unlike facebook. And unlike facebook, you get paid.

Most probable reason for such loneliness might be the fact that I am a quack writer or better still, it might just be because no one gives a damn or because people just want to make more money and nothing else.

One Nigerian Steemian once said "I don't read post that doesn't teach me how to make more money on steem".

I can't blame him. It is tough down here, only few people have rewards for their time, the others that are employed might sometimes find themselves in unfruitful ventures , thus leading to a worse state of finance: Working without rewards.

That is like losing your time and your rewards at the same time. That is when you think of other things you might have done that could have changed everything for you. So, you take a full guard over your time as there seem to be so many predators on that.

So, you see if Nigerians don't read my post. It is fine. I am forced to assume it is the same in other countries , maybe not in the same measure.

Or Maybe I am just a quack writer, I might be described as a less than average writer but not a quack one, so that doesn't hold and even if it does, it is not just enough. At least some one would comment and say "You just wrote a beautiful piece of nonsense". It will still gladden my heart that someone read what I wrote.

All the same, I still have some readership, although, some of my readers have left steem while others seem to have only one foot in steem while the rest of their fores are out of cryptocurrency all together.

Have a Nice SunDay and think less about Dip

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You just wrote a beautiful piece of nonsense

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