The Depths of Life

in esteem •  5 months ago


She said "This life is deep". She is so right, the ocean is a parody of life. Deep! In the depth of it lies a life many above are oblivious of. This depth affects all life above as we still live in the same earthly ecosystem all together.

What does she mean by Deep? She means everything hidden from plain sight yet affecting things in plain sight. She is talking about the Negative Picture of a photograph, she is talking about the spiritual that affects the physical, she is talking about the failures behind the success, she is talking about the oxymorons of life. She is talking about me and you and how blind or sighted we are of what lies in the deep.

I am not one to write things like this, at least not frequently but I have to, today, as we all need to know that everything good, perfect or great has a moment of grit behind it, a formula most don't know was worked out to get the result that ensued.

My Advice

  • Learn to learn first hand from those that are where you want to be, they will lecture you on the depths that holds their heights, if you appeal to them as teachable.

  • Learn not to be rigid. Be open to possibilities and new ideas.

  • Build yourself in the knowledge of life. Learn what many can't see because they are hidden in books.

Finally, I am only saying height has a depth.

Thanks for reading.

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