Cross Roads

in esteem •  5 months ago

Have you ever been at a point in your life where the past can not be imagined? The thought sucks. The present does not rock anymore and the future is all you have. All you are holding on to is a pillar of trust and hope in God.

Those times could be really hurtful. I learned to understand that not having a past worth going back to is a blessing in disguise, it forces us to enter into a future we are not sure of.

I am at such a crossroad. I am standing with a luggage clenched by the handle to my fist. I still have the colourful clothes from my beautiful past and I am waiting on God to hold my hand and assist me to cross over to the other side of the road, maybe that is why they call it cross roads.

Unlike real life highways, it could be so hard to have an exact representation of what it is at the other side but faith in the possibility of the assumed imposible helps greatly.

Like real life highways, if care is not taken , you might get kncocked down by a moving lorry or better still a trailer. that is why crossroads ae hard, we've heard stories of people getting knocked down professionally while changing careers. All the same, just believe you won't get knocked down.

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You're talking about a very unique part of life. Though it hurts but it's must be ones life. Generally it happens between 20 to 22 years age and it also gives some important lessons of life.