a very pleasant trip to the island of sabang, aceh indonesia

in #esteem5 years ago

aceh is an area rich in natural resources ranging from natural gas, mining, forestry, and also rich in marine products, one time I had visited Aceh a coincidence I went to an island not far from downtown banda aceh, because there is a thing important thing that I have to finish there, I am touched to see people aveh so good, they do not choose us Java people or people outside aceh
I went from my place to go to the port with a mock, I queued to buy the ticket, I happened to choose a slow boat, for the reason to enjoy the beauty of the sea, about 2 hours to the sabang that makes the heart beating impatiently I want to directly explore the island of Sabang this
many I heard about this sabang island from my friends, they told me the other time if there is a chance they will visit again there, because very impressed at all, the inn on the coast make the beauty at night very amazed I see it let alone accompanied by air- cool air
the next day I started hurrying to prepare for a small island, many people said that on the island a lot of good fish playing on the beach, we can see it by snokling, that is wearing clothes complete with glasses, swimsuit, and foot duck to be able to enjoy the beauty of fish under the sea of ​​sabang
we can also surround this small island by renting a small boat at a fairly cheap price, we have been brought around the island bordering the Indian Ocean this, a very pleasant journey
I promise one day if there is a chance I will take my family for a vacation to this island of sabang, I love the island of sabang

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