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Hello my all steemian

I think you are okay

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Todays i am going to share with you my a Russian writer A.S Pushkin flower photography with my art. This photography captured me. i think you are really impressed see this beauty of my village art and mine , so lets go to show this wonderful art scenario.

When i was going to my home to eidul adha vacation in village home while art this photo and village, than i am goin to some special place than captured this photos Wih my village friends , and also i decide this all photo i dedicate my hono-urable and respectable person with @esteem and @esteem.app

So i am going to one special photo with my special person who is name @esteemapp this photo dedicate honourable boss
@good-karma with @esteem


Photo Taken @ahmanik
photo flower

About Photo

This photography captured in my University that means Dhaka University campus, Bangladesh.
This photography is Russian popular Writer A.S Pushkin , this sculpture situated infront of my University Sinet building,yesterday i was going to chil with my girl friend than i captured this all Photography. Know below about pushkin


photo taken @ahmanik
device HTConeA9
photo Flower

And also i am going to other photo dedicate my honourable another boss @teardrops, this photo art drawing my village place is really amaizing i think who is see this photo really he like it, it captured my home village after completef art with scenario ,, see this phoandpe100%you are impressed.


photo taken @ahmanik
photo nointara flower photography

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Always neef your help

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