Described Love And Life with my Perspective

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hello my all @esteem friends

Hope you are okay
And also i am so fine

Today's i described with you about life and love with a view to my perspective..

First of all i tell you that what is Love??

Love is a one kind of affection for another person or any kind of things as like as animal or nature.i think its consist of Heart/Mind.

So Socrates Said That Love not with the eyes But with the mind.

when you fell somebody or something you think its a love. Love fall your mind to weakness and its a best gift from Almighty allah..

Secondly i tell you that What is Life?

In my own perspective life is a best gift from Almighty allah..its a directly lead a man but indirectly its a lead Almighty allah so its a amanat to allah for me..

And love and life consist one line so we should lead this two things with a consciousness...

I invite this honourable person


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