cake adee kak nah

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justudu is one of the districts in pidie jaya.karang kabupaten (newly formed) is adjacent to the district aceh pidie and bireun.di mereudu precisely in the village meuraksa is the center of the famous adee cake and has pocketed the permission of the BPOM and the health service.hmost all houses this meuremuan village is an adee bread making kitchen.
With adee cake trip can be made by using iven, but adee cake is traditional food hence more traditional feels if it is roasted in "neuleuk" .neuleuk is inserted in the bascom of sand as hot air and zinc covered, then above it in beri bara-bara fire from coconut shell.
Just an explanation, thank you.

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memang adee kak nah meu abrak barang...🤣😂