How to Make Organic Compost Fertilizer Easily

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Good soil is composed of organic material which is beneficial to fertilize the soil. Organic matter is usually formed by a group of organisms that experience weathering. In addition, organic materials are objects or goods that microorganisms can rapidly decompose, generally plant members such as fruit or leaves.

Organic matter plays an important role in maintaining soil productivity. Fertility-preserved soil will provide more benefits to farmers. In addition to maintaining soil fertility, organic materials can also be used to make fertilizer.

Fertilizers derived from organic ingredients have advantages in terms of the minimal risk posed. This is different from fertilizer from chemicals which will have side effects on the soil in the long run.

Organic ingredients can also trigger added nutrients in the soil so that it will cause the plants to become fertile. The use of organic ingredients is also not too much trouble, because it can be done in various easy ways. The ingredients for making organic ingredients are also not difficult to find, because they are available around us.

Organic material can also function as an indicator of soil fertility. Fertile soil will usually have a lot of organic material around it, otherwise infertile soils usually rarely have organic material around it.
Compost Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from organic materials such as straw, leaves, and animal feces which undergoes a decomposition or weathering process first. How to make organic fertilizer is very easy and can be done alone at home.

we will practice organic fertilizer directly in the next post.


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