satisfy in the heart and find the kiss point sunset

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hello everyone


  • Yesterday's bbq sesh with the Limited & friends! Nothing but good vibes! Mahalo to everyone who shared their aloha with us. Wish I got more pics😔 Please scroll👈 Sorry, idk everyones.

  • Almost missed the sunset! Earth Day 2018. Behold your inner beauty within nature, a reflection of yourself. Peace. ✌🏼🌎 Inside the wave of Hawaiian sunset.

  • Mother & Daughter ☀️ The best team! Almost feels like summer hawaii


Facing our darkness
becoming the light
Can be more than a fright
Merging pain into delight,
Dissolving it in light
Becoming more than
A hollow soul, lost in the night.
It takes courage to dissolve those fears
To dry up salty tears
To face your those demons
To climb to new heights.
Tapping into universal energy flow
It’s okay to let go.


  • Still one of my absolute favorite photos from Hawaii because I associate such great memories with it. I will never forget that night. This photo was taken just before we went snorkeling with the manta rays off the Kona Coast. The best part was that our friends surprised us with it. We did not know about it until we boarded the boat. I was freaking out with joy, as this has always been on my bucket list! And we saw an incredible amount of 28 Manta Rays that night! Afterwards we crossed the Big Island in the middle of the night, all the way to beautiful Kalani Retreat in the south. We stopped in the middle of nowhere to see the Milky Way, which was really impressive. The day ended with amazing friends drinking beer and cider in the hot tub, while the rain pattered from above and the Coqui frogs held their nightly concert. I've never been so happy!

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