Network Printer Suddenly Not Able to Print

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My first day of work after the Halloween vacation began with a co-employee of mine calling me because she can't print on a network printer that she's been using for a long time.

At first, I thought that the problem is the host computer so I restarted it. But it did not fix the problem. Then I tried to print on another computer that is also connected on the shared printer. To my surprise the printing is okay.

I tried to restart my co-employee's computer but the problem did not go away.

When I deleted the printer in her computer and then re-connect it again, voila, it fixed the problem.

What could be the problem

Sometimes printer drivers got corrupted. In order to fix the corrupted driver, you just need to re-connect it.

The same goes with a local printer, you can delete the printer and then reinstall it again to fix corrupted drivers.

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