Delete Trash Content in Your Android Gallery to Free Up Space

in #esteem3 years ago

Sometimes I got lost or forgot something in Android. One glaring example is when I noticed that my phone's internal storage is suddenly losing free space fast.

What I did first is I uninstalled apps that I am not using as frequently as the YouTube app and then I cleared caches and data on my phone by using its built-in system cleaner.

But it did not free up disk space on my phone's internal storage as I expected then suddenly an idea popped up in my head...

I should clear the deleted items on my phone's gallery

After clearing deleted items on my Gallery, the free space in my phone's internal storage dramatically got back to what it has been before (at 50% free space).

Deleting items on Android's Gallery will only put the deleted file into Trash, they will stay on the Gallery's trash for 30 days. After 30 days it will be deleted automatically.

So, if you are deleting a photo or video on your Android's gallery and there is no changes on your phone's storage space you should check Trash the files that you deleted probably be still sitting inside it.

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father and a husband.





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