Cisco VPN Light Indicator Will Turn-off or Stays Amber (A Strange Phenomenon?)

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I've been using a Cisco VPN router this past of couple of weeks when I noticed that there is something unusual (to me) on the device.

First, I just updated the firmware of the device to the latest version but it is still telling me to download a new firmware (the installed firmware version is the same as the one that the device is instructing me to download, if you try to download it, the download will fail).

Second, after I configured Client to Site VPN the light indicator for VPN on the device will turn-on to amber (but I wasn't able to use it because it needs either AnyConnect or a third-party VPN application such as ShrewSoft or Greenbow).

If I connect using PPTP (which connects successfully) I expect that the VPN light indicator will turn to green since a VPN client is now connected, but it is not turning green.

Third, after a period of time that no one is connecting to the Client to Site VPN tunnel, the tunnel (or should I say, the VPN light indicator) will turn-off.

I am still able to connect to PPTP tunnel even if the VPN light indicator is turned-off.

The only tunnel that I configured to accept incoming connection are Client to Site and PPTP. I suspect that the VPN light indicator on the device is only for Cisco's VPN tunnels such as IPSec, Client to Site, Site to Site, Teleworker VPN Client, Cisco SSL VPN, and GRE Tunnel.

There are also numerous users saying that their device's light indicator is staying in amber after a successful has been achieved.

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father and a husband.





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