Brave Browser Suddenly Became Entirely Black

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Hi guys, good morning to everyone. Welcome to my blog, today I will share some newfound knowledge that you can use in your internet experience.

Just this morning a co-employee of mine called me because his Brave browser has suddenly turned entirely black.

At first, I thought the Brave has just hung in itself. The user told me that he just opened about 6-7 tabs.

What I did next is I reinstalled Brave but it is still black entirely after reinstalling. I tried to restart the laptop but the problem is still the same.

But then I noticed that that if I play around the mouse pointer anywhere in the browser it changes from arrow pointer to a finger pointer.

So, I thought that there is something else that is going wrong with Brave.

What I did next is I brought up Task Manager and then I forced close each tab one by one until I hit the jackpot in one of the tab.

Once I closed the jackpot tab the browser returned to normal and the black display has gone.

But when I close Brave and open it again it returns to black again.

So, what could be wrong?

First, I tried to look at the Event Viewer if I could find something significant that points to the problem, but I have found none.

The only application that I saw on the Event Viewer that having a problem is related to Wild Tangent games.

The next thing that I did is I turned off the hardware acceleration feature of Brave and voila everything is back to normal.

This time the problem goes away for good whenever I close and open Brave browser.

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father and a husband.




Its been awhile since the last time that i saw your post.

I am only able to post about once a week now, how's life going?

Exciting, hodl more bro. 🚀

Yes bro, hodl all the way.

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