These are not your images. I suspect you are pillaging them from Pinterest.

Plagiarism - downvoted

I agree with @meesterboom!
I've been watching you @adit123, you can stop spamming and posting other people's work without a reference. This is the fastest road to nowhere, believe me! You'll have the confirmation pretty soon!

do not be so buddy if I am wrong I apologize my friend please do not destroy rrputasi my friend sorry me if i am wrong .by. @adit123

You are plagiarising articles and passing them off as your own. That is plagiarism. You should stop it

good friend please remove the flag please my friend promise will not repeat it again please my friend


Stop plagiarising and don't downvote me again

yes I will not like this if according to my friend is not good but please remove the flag against me buddy

No. Because it is plagiarism.

Stop replying to me please

You are cruel to me thanks buddy.

Wait, did you flag me for downvoting you for plagiarism!?!

Do you deny it???

no mate sorry i did not mean bad to you buddy

you are very satisfied already destroy my reputation heuh

What reputation, you stole other people's art?

where is the proof you have please prove if there is any evidence you can block me my steemit

Don't start me, the proof is there to see. I reverse Google searched your images.


thank you the Google address I might choose from it. Put it on my post that you might suspect me to let everyone know even my community.

Yeah, watch me expand lots of effort proving you are a plagiarist. I already googled your images.

He does not understand anything. He's gonna disappear soon, don't worry.

please send ling Google to me let me understand. my new part in this steemit

What you probably mean to say is.

I bet you are happy you caught another plagiarist, thief and scammer!

Well yes. Yes I am.

i am bored in steemit if somebody hate me while i never hate anyone and wherever i come from .. i am in aceh

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