Red Brick Lane

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Once upon a time in London

I was on a walkabout with my camera. The Particular camera was the Praktica BCA; a vintage film SLR from Germany.


I was testing the camera for the first time I think, so I had it loaded with the very cheap, but awesome AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200.

Amongst the 24 photos taken on the day were these four. I remember seeing them jump out at me from the contact print because of the colours.

The reds were particularly vibrant in the prints. Film has that advantage; the ability to render the colour red more accurately. For some reason, every single digital camera I’ve owned has had that red problem.




I also loved these photos because they were photos of other people’s work. I’m always in awe of artists that are able to create these amazing works - apparently for free and for free public consumption.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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excellent shots. yeah.... the time and love that goes into street art is awesome. i spent some time a few weeks ago at a street art event in guatemala city. 60 artists spent 3 days revitalizing a section of the city. i have alot of footage of it all getting created. im going back this month to interview the organizer and get the shots of the final murals.
thanks for sharing!


Wow that sounds amazing. I love positive impact graffiti like that. I'm not so big on the ones that tag people's property or gang related tags. There are some really amazing artists out there!

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I like graffiti. Good photos!


Thank you. I love them too. The arty ones though, not the rubbish ones that are meant to deface people's homes :)

I need to go there day time to grab some photos too. That are is too good not to.


we need to go shooting together one day :)


Yes let's do it. Just let me know what arr the best days for You. ;)

Great artwork, love the title of your post.

Wow that’s some awesome street art 🦋🌈🌴💛

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