Day Off (ish) ☀️

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I’ve spent the majority of today

doing some much, much needed DIY work. I’ve moved over 1000 kg of wood from one place to the other all by myself, despite my body feeling like having been in a boxing match with Mike Tyson.

The wood is from my old fence, which was just dumped there by the people that put the new fence up for me. They wanted too much money to dispose of it, so I decided to do the disposal myself - slowly over time. I kind of regret it a little now.


I’ve also been doing some gardening (essential, not recreational). I think the wood, pilled up where it was, had provided shelter for numerous creepy crawlies over the hot summer. There were countless (spider?) eggs and all manner of millipedes, centipedes, octopedes and zeropedes crawling all over the place.🕷🐜

It got to a point where I had to pause to ensure there weren’t any scorpions lurking under the planks of wood 🦂

I feel as though we’re on the last stretch of good weather before autumn really sets in, so I’m taking the opportunity to be responsible. I probably need to mow the lawn too after all this is done. It’s the craziest I’ve ever seen it - one corner is green and lush following the rainfalls, while the other corner looks like the Sahara desert.




It’s funny what I’ve been doing during the ‘coffee’ breaks; laundry, paperwork, and even this very post you’re reading right now. In which case, I better get back to the manual labour before the sun disappears and the temperature drops.



Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Well needed! I am prepping my garden for winter as well. And I thought it was super warm in the morning but then it got so cold... I brought the laundry still wettish inside for the night... but that's Midlands for you. London should have been warmer by default.
Really like your abstract photography.


Thanks haha.
You know what, my laundry dried completely but I forgot to bring it in, so when I went to get it at night, it felt slightly wet again. I'm sure some of it is cold not wet, but also I think there's some moisture in the air at night that the clothes re-absorb.

I really enjoy yard work, I can't wait to have a yard and garden full of fruit trees! :) When you say Mike Tyson, I thought you were going to say you were playing Mike Tyson's Punchout out were getting beat up....LOL one of my favorite games of all time.


Hahahah. Nah, actual Mike Tyson. I'm sure he spent the night punching the heck out of my face and torso haha.


LOL :) haha

That's a fair workout indeed.

Always in for a nasty surprise moving such wood!


Yea. This was the original workout of the strong men of the past haha.