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eSteem mobile app was the first app, using the Steem blockchain, that I used on my smartphone, and although I tried partiko as well, I stick to eSteem. Not because it is perfect, but beccause it works and it's the best option for me. I'm a heavy user of it, but not all the time have I used it at its full potential.

I have been posting quite a few times about not being able to use ESTM tokens, an how frustrated I was, but now I can. I commented about my problem on one eSteem post related of some update, and @good-karma answered it. The solution was simple: use your active keys to be able to promote or boost posts using ESTM tokens. Followed the advice and now I can use them, and since I can use them, I feel like collecting them more as well, by using the app, even more than before.

When I couldn't use the tokens, I wasn't paying attention too much about them and I was even feeling frustrated about not being able to boost or promote posts. I hated that fail message whenever I would try, from time to time, to use my ESTMs. Having them at hand now, for my wishful use, I also noticed that you can even buy ESTM if you run out, and feel like using more.


There's some packages available, starting from €1.09 for which you get 500 ESTM and they go up to €104.99 for which you get a whopping 50,000 tokens. How cool is that? Well, it is because that's what I call mass adoption, in this case for ESTM, and although the buying process is handled through Google's Play Store, it's nice to see that there is at least one gateway for ESTM tokens direct cash purchases.

I get why it's through Google Play, it makes perfect sense, although I don't like Google too much. The app is available for downloads on the Play Store, where any android user can find it, and why not make the token sales available through the same portal. After all, people buy all sort of games and other apps through it. Some, really useless in my opinion... but who am I to judge.

What Steemit could learn from eSteem is exactly this token sales strategy, that for me is the perfect example of mass adoption. Yes, you need to have people aware of the blockchain before they start buying Steem, but having a proper mobile app, and I don't know why it isn't any by now in the case of Steemit, would allow access to the Steem ecosystem for much more potential and future users, and would also create more demand for Steem.

The new user, who probably doesn't have too much knowledge regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies would be able to on board the Steem train by simply downloading an app from the Play Store, or from the Apple store, create an account, which should be also a faster and more at ease process, buy Steem directly through the above mentioned apps, paying with his supported currency, and start steeming it. How simple is that?

In theory, very simple, but when it comes to make it a reality it seems not that simple anymore. I know that Steemit is not the only DApp to use the Steem blockchain, but lets face it, it's the most popular, I guess the first one to use the blockchain as well, and the one that I created my account with. It lacks marketing and development though, and you can't have mass adoption without these.

I find such approach much more at hand, than to access the web, through a web browser, to be able to use Steemit and create an account, to buy Steem tokens from exchanges and then transfer them to Steemit, and so on... I will say this for the last time: mass adoption has to be simple, to be served under the nose of everyone and to make it attractive to the public. Mass adoption should not involve delays, struggles for the user, and complicated schemes. At least not in my opinion. What's yours?

Thanks for attention,

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I was a big @partiko user but after the last hardfork they basic functionalty of that app degraded..

At least with @esteem I don't get the same posts showing up in my feed as I schroll..

With this new look and feel I am excited to keep exploring steem on my phone.

Haven't used the tokens much.. but maybe I'll look into it more..

You should try boosting or promoting posts. It's worth it.

There's some packages available, starting from €1.09 for which you get 500 ESTM and they go up to €104.99 for which you get a whopping 50,000 tokens. How cool is that?

Honestly? I think that it is not cool. Who is the target audience? I (and probably many other people) will not buy eSteem Points (ESTM) for fiat money. I am rather earning it.

Besides it is expensive. Currently you can use 500 eSteem Points (ESTM) to boost your post with $0.975 USD, so the users lose money this way.

Yes, nowadays eSteem is one of the best applications for the Steem blockchain (one of my favorites), but I am earning eSteem Points (ESTM), and I boost my blog posts with it. Many people do this. This earning and boosting opportunity is one of the few things that makes eSteem one of the best applications for the Steem blockchain. Maybe I will try trading it, like selling at a high price, then buying, when it goes down, but I am not so sure about this either.

If they would make Steem (and/or Steem Dollars) buyable that way, then that would be cool.

I am not buying either, but probably some do, especially the new ones. I see it as a good feature and it would be great to have something similar for Steem as well.

I really like it

I prefer esteem

Me too

Thanks for this post. I had no clue about to boost posts with the token,and after I click reply I will go see how many I have 🤣

kk924slogl.jpgJust tried it out but the 'Next' wouldnt load up to become clickable?

I don't know if I encountered that. Do you have your active key inserted?

Proberbly not 🤣 how is that done?

You have to get into your wallet, I guess on Steemit, I don't know if you can get it from eSteem and under the section keys and permissions you will find the active key. You copy it and then log out of eSteem and log in with your active key. That's how I did.

oh right just a log in 😀 Ill get round to it soon thanks mate

@eSteemapp is really a cool app. I use it everyday, in almost all of my posts! 😊

Me too. Now I can say that I use it at its full potential

I tried partiko and esteem, since day one I had the feeling that the team behind esteem was more professional, and the currebt state of both apps let me know that this first impression was accurate.

I've used them both as well but prefer eSteem.

Nice to hear you continued trying even difficult. eSteem is constantly improving. The Proof of Action algorithm is the one of the best rewarding mecanism in blockchain. take any action on eSteem and earn ESTM.

Yes, the concept is great and it benefits both parties.

Vere cool post 👌🤗 I upvote this. And I go shere it in Twitter also.

Thank you very much sir :)

Npr 👌🤗

Do you know if e-steem shows you your current voting power in terms of % remaining?

To see your current voting power on eSteem is easy! It shows when you click on the blue and green lines under your profile banner @acesontop

Thanks. I haven't noticed these lines.

I know it took me awhile to realize what they did! There are SO many features here that I am constantly amazed!

Excellent - thanks for that - it will be really useful knowing that!

I use it all the time. It is a great feature to have!

I also just learnt about the free spin roulette from your post and won 25estm!

Yay! And the best part is that you get to spin again after 24 hours! ❤️

It doesn't

I was using partiko but not Now days...
I love esteem and using a lot..
But i dont know the advantage kf buying the ESTM tokens...

The advantage would be if you want to promote of boost your posts and you don't have ESTM left.

I like the idea of buying steem directly through a mainstream app vs. Having to buy and transfer through some third party exchange.

Exactly. Things made simple.

Where do I spin to get ESTM?

That's a good question. I didn't find that either.

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I really like @esteemapp and how they allow you to earn ESTM for free as well 🤩

Me too 😁


Well, for now I'm just Hodl the tokens :) and waiting for SMTs... ESTM will be one of first...

I'm using them to promote and boost, but hodling seems a good strategy as well.

Please, explain me how function it.

I'm frustrated because I can't use the ESTEEM tokens either... and I can’t find where I could change my permission key.

You have to enter Steemit to get your active key from your wallet.

How tw selling

I have no clue