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Hi friend steetmit everything good morning. on this occasion I will continue to review on the Aceh Hunting Tradition contained in Chapter 28 of Acehnology Volume 3 book.

* *In this chapter which is to be studied is how the tradition of meugure (berguru) in Aceh. This usually occurs in dayah or madrasah. In the life of the Acehnese people the study of this tradition can not be avoided. Meugure in dayah and madrasah is different, if in madrasah students can not fully absorb knowledge from teacher / lecturer because of limited time, whereas in dayah / pesantren student can spend almost 24 hours with teacher and this usually happened until many years, so the knowledge gained is more absorbed. Those who have meugure on a scholar or teacher will be considered useful or useful in community life. Here the role of the scholars or teachers not only teach about the science that is burhani, and serve but also aspects of 'irfani. When they are able to understand what they have learned they will be released into people's lives. In teaching, here a scholar or teacher must know each other with their students with one another so that the transfer of knowledge can be realized, but not only that but also includes the transfer of wisdom.*
*In Aceh there is a term to seek knowledge that is jud meudagang (go trade), said trading in the language of Aceh called meukat. This meudagang tradition is only done one day a week called uroe gantoe or uroe peukan. They will bring the crops or livestock to sell and sell them called ureung meukat. This process is all called hareukat which means not done excessively.* ![image]() ***In the Aceh community, the urban process occurs around the existing market of mosques and dayah. Usually ureung meudagang (people who trade), out of the dayah to buy all the needs they need in dayah. Dayah is the center of science, hence this dayah institution becomes as a place to find traces of spirit of spirit. The meugure tradition in this dayah institution that produces self (soul) which has spirit. From that tradition the Acehnese find their identity and be able to understand their existence as human beings, and this has been done by the people of Aceh that have been going on for years. Even when Aceh has started to rise, it turns west just found a spirit (Geits) that was built by Hegel. So the people of Aceh believe and understand that the intellectual tradition can bring the Acehnese people to find their Acehan identity.*** ![image]() *Thus education in Aceh is not a tradition of education that can stand on its own but has something to do with history as well, and it is very closely related. But it is unfortunate that this relationship has been interrupted for years. If we see today Aceh's education is one thing that has been torn apart from the spirit possessed by Acehnese people.*
**MIinat to study in dayah little by little has been reduced not as it used to be bumping into dayah. Thus, intellectual education in Aceh has caused the difficulty of the community to find the identity of the Acehnese. In the old days education itself was aimed to bring together macro and micro cosmos. Although Aceh is directed to the microcosm alone, it does not make Aceh a great thinker but Aceh has resulted in a very strong force and an authentic thinker.**
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