our duty to take care of our sister

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**If you have a sister and rarely share it for her or ever promised her, because she is going to sneak something up. Immediately keep the promises, one day he will prevail.**
*The sister is the responsibility of a brother or sister. It's like, when it rains heavily you are the tree where he is sheltered, although he is still dampened. Rain water comes in from the crevices of your leaves.*
***The photo above just made me think of my sister, especially the little ones, again cute. I see so deeply, the children are playing. Yelled and laughed at each other. This picture, I take when looking for fishing trawler fishing drawing on Jomblang beach Lhokseumawe.***
*I was reminded again of one word, out of nowhere, I forgot: "When your parents are not there, then you are the one who will send your sisters to school.*
***Such stories happen a lot. However, there is a state of being unprepared and ready. The ones ready are the ones who are far away before, can read things.***
*Guiding the long way a sister saw beauty. Like again, you climb the mountain just to see clouds like the ocean. Then down again and flaunt it to someone else.*

**In this case, there is certainly a more important mother role. Our role is more simple but important. For example, guiding a younger sister to play football, forbid her to smoke or to introduce her with Steemit, then invite her to join. Ha!**
# Hopefully useful, @abiumi

you do a great job😍

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