I have seen all forms of sustenance, but could not find a better fortune than patience

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If you don't support others with your wealth, then give them kindness with your radiant face, get good morals. If the income obtained is a tool for worship, the more sustenance the more worship we do.

Look at the people below you in the affairs of world treasures, and never look at those above you, please do not underestimate the gift of God given to you. Whoever is enough with sufficient sustenance, he will be rich. And a person who is not satisfied enough with adequate income escapes, so he never gets wealth at all.

People who do not believe in God have guaranteed their fortune, then he will get damnation from God. And if Allah pays a fortune to His servants, surely they will exceed the limits of the face of the earth, but Allah decreases what He wants by size. Indeed, He is All-Knowing (the state of) His servants, All-Seeing.

Allah says that sustenance, sustenance and money will come, and even better than that, if your concern is not just devoted to yourself. Your concern should also be devoted to others. Islam has no right to wealth. But Islam wins property that is only served and benefits itself.I have read in 90 places in the Koran because Allah has determined sustenance and guaranteed it for all His craft. And I only found 1 verse that said: "And the devil promises poverty.

We pray that when we are in trouble and need something, we should too pray in great joy and in abundance.