Insect walang sangit

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Good evening all steemian friends wherever you are, hopefully on this happy night we are all given the health and opportunity to run our respective activities.

And on the occasion tonight I want to post about the insects of the pest that disrupt the seeds of rice grain.



The pest of the pest has many different designations. The people of Sumatra call it pianggang, Sundanese people call it kungkang, Madurese people call it calm, and much more.

Walang sangit (Leptocorisa oratorius) will emit a distinctive and stinging smell when he is in danger. Its distinctive smell is a form of self-defense from the threat of predators (predators).



How to overcome the pest in the rice plant. Walang sangit is an insect pest of cultivated plants. Walang sangit has latin ie Leptcorisa Oratorius, this pest more than 80% attacked all types of plants. However, from a series of plants that dipangsanya plant diilah most preferred.

Why can it be splashed a walang sangit? yes it is true because the smell is very stinging and typical of this insect is called a pest of a sage. The stinging smell is a powerful weapon to protect itself from enemy or predator interference.


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