eSteem - Feature Set #17 How to save on bandwidth usage? (Fetching images, Compact view)

in #esteem-features6 years ago (edited)

Thank you very much Sir @good-karma, for the great job you are doing....

This is very good feature! Even for Russia. We still have some places where it's better to switch images off for a while. Traffic economy is number one feature for a lot of people here.

Is eSteem opensource? How can we otherwise trust it?

I believe 100% esteem

This is one of the most questions to ask.

Finally you make a post about my problem,haha thanks @good-karma

Good luck friend

I'm very new to steem but was searching for the mobile app.. didnt realize it was the eSteem app ^^ now i feel a bit more save downloading it! :D Thanks for the hard work! Cheers!

Yet another amazing release for the esteem app.. I love how it's going so far.. Do you have any eta on ant major changes to the app that are coming, I'd love to see some big changes hit soon

I am doing some backend work as well as frontend work on upcoming v1.5.0 release. I am sure you will find some of the features really helpful, eta most likely will be next weekend if everything moves as planned ;)

well done @good-karma

I can really say eSteem app has been performing so much better since the past 2 post you did notifying us about the updates. Big thanks to you @good-karma and your team for this fantastic app. Cheers and have a great week ahead

This is really going to help with data usage.. Esteem are improving,!

hopefully the esteem will become more and more successful in the life of world steemit.
Thanks @good-karma.

I am totally satisfied with you

I am totally satisfied with you

I am totally satisfied with u
Keep it up

That's cool, infact very cool, would save a lot of time as well!

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