eSteem - Feature Set #16 (Favorite posts, Template posts)

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Great job, keep it up~

I use esteem 99 percent of the time, only use desktop version to convert funds if esteem added this feature i would have no use for desktop version...cheers @good-karma, love your work mate!

Thank you @good-karma for simple application that make me can update my post everytime, everywhere. Very easy to upload picture, change font to bold or italic. I like to update my profile picture often and eSteem do it properly :)

i am agree

Very good information from you about how to save. That way we can easily store and manage it on record. I will share it with my friends in steemit. Thanks to share @good-karma

Thank you for this important information. A development feature that will help all esteem users.

Thank you to @good-karma, @pjo and team

Your username befits you really @good-karma. You are making it easier for the community to communicate with each other. Great work. Most people are on mobile devices and browsing steemit through a web browser isn't as interesting as the mobile app. I use the mobile app more occasionally I use the web browser when I am on pc. Thank you @good-karma

@good-karma has always been a motivating factor as far as am concerned. He and his team are one of the reason for me to often cheek on steemit and as it stands, I will start to vote all his post despite the number of posts he has. Job well done @good-karma

I'm liking this app more and more. Steem is getting to be a big part of my daily life and your app really helps me to stay in contact.

You're giving the steemit team something to think about.

Nice work @good-karma, well done sir. You have been improved your esteem. It could be more fun to use esteem. I do like it. And now more easier and you did. I think all the steemians will use esteem right now. Bookmarking every favorite post and drafting post was so easy. Thanks a lot sir.

And here I am commenting on your post using your app eSteem. I think it is very handy with the smartphone, I am a new user, but definitely like it. There is one thing I observed, the numbers showing reputation, followers etc do not get updated regularly in the app. Not a big issue but it would be better if corrected.

Incredible development features @good-karma. Thanks a lot for the hard work and support of all the teams in the esteem.

Smart app! Very helpful!! Thanks for creating convenience for us who use smartphone!! Always succes @good-karma

Esteem works great on my Android...Thanks @good-karma for providing these amazing features.

Thank you , keep it up

Thanks for this wonderful app, this really helps us newbies here in steemit. This also helps us to post on steemit wherever we go and post it on time. Thanks you so much @good-karma.

Good job mate keep it up!

interesting posts and information

It's always fun to read your post sir @good-karma. Keep going

I can't wait to use eSteem's bookmarking feature! I have to just repost them on Steemit and try and find them later, lol! Great job! Steem On!

Thank you for constantly adding so many new features, looks like I have to update the app :)

On a bit of a side note, I was wandering, is there any way to turn the little bar bellow off and is there a chance this would be a feature you'd add some day?

It could be quite useful for people like myself that type by swiping as the bar above replaces the useful bar below that helps select the correct word if the keyboard misunderstands a swipe.

Thanks again! :)

Sir, thank you. Sir may I request for a better version of esteem app for desktop. I downloaded one of those but now working fine. It just keep on loading. But here on mobile, no problem it works fine.

Hey, v1 desktop version is deprecated because we are working on v2 of eSteem desktop... You can change websocket from Settings page to wss:// and restart app, it should make v1 to work again but I would suggest to wait for new version.

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wow thank you for information on steemit beta. thank you all
hopefully many who ngevoted you.follow me maybe we can be friends well

thanks for information ,sir .

sir @good-karma, i've using eSteem about 3 weeks. and is't okie to ask you here about the "link" thing.
Q: How can i copy the Link of someone post or even mine for Memo purposes? i really want to know it for i 've been using some boosting nowadays.

and one thing, where do i find the article about escrow. :P i'm pretty newbie that's why i really need some guide.

this is the easiest way i think to contact you and ask you about some of my question. Thank you in advance sir.

Hey, next version will have easy link sharing feature. About escrow, please check my older posts to learn more about escrow feature also feature set #8 also talks about it...

how about the link thing sir?

Oooh finally you helped us with this App, I was finding for a while. Thanks so much upvoted and followed

Good news and actual of eSteem upgrade

memang hayeu cara ka edit,, loen han jeut kuh,,, so puruno pih tan,, keubit seupot,, peurseh takalon laot,,,

I need to vote you as witness @good-karma

Great app! I will try it out. Hopefully it won't be slow on my 2 years old android phone. :-)

esteem is now a great follow through.. and theses themes or versions are very important to users.

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Extraordinary @good-karma, I am very happy to hear it. We look forward to the next development of the esteem application.
Thank you very much

I am currently struggling to login to the esteem app. I am only using the posting key but the app will not log me in. I just want to use the app for posting and upvoting. Is there another way to login without giving password?

Good story Mr @good-karma. Wish success forever for you

Good post Very current information. Thank you @good-karma

I am a new steemians, maybe i should study first with you, regards know me please follow me
I followed and upvoted.Would you like to follow and upvote me.

Thanks for adding new features and update.. keep updating sir...

awesome bro its really informative

Amazing! thanks for the info and update :)

Interesting post, I really like this kind of postings.
I will always wait for something new from you. thank you

Hi @good-karma, I have just posted an article on the eSTEEM app.

Have been using it for the past one week and NO REGRET!! Great job to make our Steemit experience more awesome and increase the value of Steemit as a whole!!!!

Do check it out if you have some time to check if I have not made any mistakes and correct them.

Good post. Very information actual. Thanks @good-karma

eSteem crashes every 10 minutes, I'm on iOS

Hey @pepe.maya, Thank you for your feedback! What version of iOS and what device are you on? Also what action causes crash? This would help us to improve app in upcoming release which is in few days...

I have iOS 10.3.3; iPhone 6s, and iPad mini 4 model a1550. The application is very slow, and after a few clicks it simply crashes, or just blocks and I have to reset it. @good-karma Thank you

Thanks for details, will make sure to test performance on those devices before next release

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at any time.

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Hey I'm really interested in using Esteem but I'm wary about putting in my steemit password. Is it legit?

This is amazing...Finally I can use steemit on my phone! :) I uploaded it and I'm loving made my life so much easier...Thanks for great work!!! ^_^

love this app. I usually use this app to post anything to steemit. thank you Mr. @good-karma to develope this awesome app

Thank you for the overview!

Wow I like the look of the list of drafts you can save.
Seems like a really useful feature
Thank you for your great work @good-karma

Nice post.
Thank for sharing the information.
You are still the #1 best steemian.
Keep goin on big bro. Always success for you and harmful all the time.

I don't use my mobile that often and I can't download anything new to it (this 6 years old Android, doesn't have much space).. But I'm interested in this app... maybe I'll get it as soon as I get a new mobile (I'm working on that since I got some internet money from steemit).

I think it's a great app, I use it everyday, but I would love it if you improved the performance on lower end devices.

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Hey I just found you for the first time on here. Wow, with 7000 plus followers and you having a hand in running the platform I'm impressed. Good Karma! I like that, and it's appropriate seeing how your main goal here is to lift everyone up around. Hat's off to you!

I'm a young guy from up-state New York. I've been living out of backpack for about 10 years. Have had a very exciting life traveling the world and have accumulated a massive knowledge of travel and the world. Now I find myself on here about three month's and people like what I do with my travel tips, reports, advice, and documentary like photography, and more.

I've had some other whales see value in my work and take me under their wing, it's really been the difference between me succeeding here or not. I won't lie, it can be a struggle being a excellent and unique content creator with very little help to rise up through the "follow for follow" minnow slush. As a heavy investor in the platform it would mean a lot to me for you take a look at what I do on here.

Thank you in advance.

From Koh Pha Ngan Thailand,

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

I just now readed your content.It's excellent content .
This post received a 😊😊 11.8% upvote from @srtechtube

thanks to @good-karma! ,

Thank you @good-karma. I downloaded and use it everyday. Newbie here and appreciate all the hardwork you and the team does. Upvoted and Followed.

Great works, I wish you success

I really love all the Great features that are being added and the time and dedication being put into this App....keep up the AWESOME work :) :) upvoted and resteemed ...kayleigh

Bookmarks are a big help! Thank you!

I agree @otage

Yay, can't wait to use this app.
Steemit features are getting much better & growing everyday. Loving it ❤️

Happy minnow here @good-karma! Upvoted & resteemed

Does @good-karma dislike my post. Please enter occasionally to my post. I postin the news via eSteem that @good-karma download the android app! thank you! See you in the following post!!

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hi i am like your post and upvote you

Thanks bro for sharing this.It can help me lot for
making my post look stunning and easy than before.Upvoted and I followed you for more

Good information brother, as always I follow all your post, a big greeting from @joserc.vzla

Good morning sir

You're doing great work, keep it up!

so nice post brother..your so smart..inspiration for any people steemian...greeting from aceh, There is a beautiful thing in my post, you will not regret opening it, you will surely enjoy its natural beauty, please please at upvote..thanks ... god bless u

Very good information from you on how to save. good post and interesting

very good post

Keep up the good job...👍

@good-karma , It's interesting. I am happy to follow information from you
at any time.

E steem app is the best thing that happened to It makes using steemit easier and helps me to track all my activités most of the new updates I will like to see have already been mentioned. Thanks to @good-karma and his team for making steemit easier and more mobile friendly. Waiting for when I would become a whale on steemit. For sports traders follow @sportsprediction. Thank you

I'm already using it. Nice for later read.
But, sometimes it takes some time till found in bookmarks.

Also the comments button, is loading kind of too much sometimes or even blocking the app. It may be for lot of responses (it could be a solution to load maybe less and to refresh later for the rest?) or just a bug.

And as a question, i'd like to read later from my computer. The only way now is to share via gmail each post. Can it be a feature at some point in the future to can manage in bookmarks more easily and maybe to have them saved there by categories (maybe read later, loved ones, reminders...etc) and just check which to send via email?

If i'm home, i enter here on steemit where can write more easy and manage them quicker.

Cheers and thanks for the app

Thank you for your comment, I agree about points you made and took note of issues. Will make sure to check and improve mentioned features ;)

Thanks for being present. Not for my comment but for what you do.

I loved to see that it is a way of avoiding browsers on the phone where i look for so many things and keep tabs open but also steemit. And steemit sometimes takes at least 7 tabs :-))) because when chrome refreshes "out of nowhere" you loose what you saw among that posts because new ones arrives.

It is kind of stupid how browsers refresh exactly when you don't want to and when you need that it never happens. So, that app could be the solution :-)


Suggestion :)

I always open the steemit in mobile phone very disappointed because many articles and information Good and I can not share it. I want to get new information in steemit and share it to my profile. I want @good-karma and friends to update the esteem app, so there's an icon for resteem and faster response.

I want steemit to be no 1 in the world,and today steemit is booming in my country and I am sure steemit will be like facebook, instagram, twitter, skype, and others. And thanks formy friend in steemit for helping alot, and I'm happy with the steemians response.

Bunos dias buenos post la verdad y buena informacion pones sobre la streemit eso es bueno pars los que sabemos poco y asi ir aprendiendo un poquito mas cada dia te voto y te sigo un saludo

You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!

Hi my steemit friend great job

Nice one thx a lot :)

It definitely looks better than the previous version which I had installed some time ago. More features, more fun to use it.
steem on

Great post 👍
Thanks for helping 😊

I need your help, to guide me so that I can become proficient in steemit. follow back me and vote me

Thank you for this information hopefully can add knowledge for me personally and for many people.
Thanks for @ good-karma.

I can't use the app all of a sudden.. everytime I try to open it, it crashes

May be you need update on submit new post, when i clik then form will not show well, other function is working well, upload image also stiil not have featus, thanks for support

Thanks a lot @good-karma. I will try download the app

I am using your esteem app. I did a post about 58 munites ago but I didn't get upvote from you. I'ts my first post with esteem app. How can I get upvote from you?