eSteem - Feature Set #15 (Search tags/users, Filter with tags)

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In this series of posts, We will present current feature set (hidden gems) that eSteem is offering. And details and usage of presented features. Each post will include gif animation and its explanation to guide reader through the process of using it. Note that these features are being improved constantly, you might notice some changes/addition in future releases.

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here.

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#1 #2


  • Animation #1 - eSteem offers you simple search engine. You can easily choose what you want to find, a tag or an user just by pressing button on the right of the search box. Accessing Search box will be improved in upcoming version as well.

  • Animation #2 - Simple way to search tags and use search filters for different tags. You have access tag specific latest, hottest, trending, etc. posts. For example, if you are fun of gaming, search gaming and select tag, then you can change filters to get posts for gaming tag.

Thank you to my brother @pjo for helping out with recording animations!

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All future posts related to eSteem feature set will be tagged as #esteem-features.

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Feel free to reach out if you have questions, issues, suggestions, feature requests!

Contact us to say hello or share feedback!

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Nice features


yeah man very good app and very easy to usee love it


I can't upvote from esteem please fix that !


In this lobby, will there be T.P.? For my bunghole?


This is my favorite app on ios.
Good Job @good-karma

When will be the next updated released? The present version seems a bit slower. Yet it does its job pretty well. Anyways, the eSteem makes it much easier to do regular work on steemit Blockchain site pretty easier on a mobile device. Those who have not tried it yet should give it a shot sooner than later.


Upcoming release will quite big one in terms of features and improvements, release date is not set yet as we are finalizing some feature testings. But stay tuned should not be too long now ;)


Okay, best wishes and waiting for the Big Update.


Thanks for sharing @good-karma, this post is very useful for us all because more and more people are using it, this is your success. Even we here have been doing socialization about the user of this application


I second that! I will be checking out and using this application!


Thanks for sharing. I've been using this app for over a month now and it just keeps getting better. It glitches every now and then but that's to be expected. Overall it's a great app.

Never stop to success in developing Apps. Very motivating me and everyone in steemit. I am newbie and I dont know too much how to use the Apps. But since I know you as great developer. I will always to read and always to use esteem Apps. Nice to meet you sir. Cheers

So eSteem is like the mobile-ony version of Steemit with some enhancements?

Excellente features. The app looks professional, I am downloading it now!
Thanks for posting :)

This app is awsome @good-karma. Just Upvote :)... Love to see some more feature in future. and request for a desktop version if possible.

Very nice post and also beneficial Sir @good-karma, the days growing eSteem application development experience, and it is expected that all development or upgrade eSteem affects either for all users steemit.

I haven't used this yet although I would like to try it out.
I look forward to using it.

Amazing features! Thank you @good-karma! Upvoted and Resteemed

Hello, I am new and I liked your post, thank you

this app is extremely data hungry some form of compression of of been great. thanks for this awesome app though aslo some wallet features would be great like transfers ect @rogerblu


Hey, You can use multiple options to save data/bandwidth/traffic, using compact view or disable fetching images. As for transfer, we already have that, please check menu and find Transfer page.

A very good introduction myself, I really like your posts @good-karma

Guys, I have one on the iPhone buggy program esteem? There is interesting information, but it is very difficult to take advantage of the fact that the program is not developed.


Good 😊

great! very good post good-karma

i used esteem but it is very slow on my cell @good-karma

great features @good-karma you know I love your app :) Keep up the great work. Do you do side jobs? I have an idea for a steemit app and I need a programmer?

nice, i like it the your post, thanks @ahlawat

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very nice post.. its very informative n beneficial..... keep it up...
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ohhmygod U r on fire !! :P wow 1 love i mean I never seen such a huge upvote in such a small time :D...

thanks for the reference, I get what esteem is now

A great news for all your fans @good-karma

I've only just heRd about steem let alone Esteam! Thank you for doing what you do! Love it!

Thank you for always being a good steward of the community. Steem On brother!

Thank you for your work guys :) tip! 0.3

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Gr8 update of steem............upvote u............same need from u.....

This app have really good features, would be great a desktop version. Keep it up the great work!

Just downloaded the Android app!

Interesting app

Thank you very much @good-karma

interesting post!

Good ☝️

Awesome. Now fix the app, give it a proper redesign, and I will gladly use this app every day​.

Interesting ... Could you help me with upvote ?, I would appreciate it :(

Been using this app a bit recently. It's hard to get used to it at the beginning though :P Gotta try out this feature!

Thank you for these nice tips @good-karma. Would you happen to know how to save a post (instead of resteeming it) which has been posted by somebody else so that I can read it later?

Great job, my friend @good-karma! Thank you for sharing your experience!
I want to give you bliss: the violin plays on the street in Lviv. Video concert for you!

Wonderful post, I really liked it .. Continue please.
Followed you and upvoted done
Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :-)

hello the esteem has bugs on android devices; cant upload pics from file manager, can't schedule please try to fix this

Nice feature. Thanks for information. Very usefull your aplication at steemit.

Awesome changes. Thank you!

I'm using the app and it's good for writers .

hi.. @good-karma
ESteem A very nice and easy-to-use app, thanks for helping many Steemit users, but I want to ask why can not zoom in and out with a touch of a hand?

I'm really enjoying using this app for a while now and the updates have been noticed for sure. Thanks for this extremely useful app @good-karma.

nice post sir upvoted your vote is also important for me sir

Nice to know all of these features. Thank you. Upvoted and Re-steemited.

So esteem is mobile app for steemit? I was browsing google play and saw esteem and never wonder its the mobile app for steemit. Thanks for the info.

Thanks a lot for the app, make me enjoy in blogging. Really appreciate what you have done.

Have been using this for a few weeks and I like how organized its menu is. I tried using the windows desktop version but it doesn't let me log in. I'm not often on the pc though and I haven't explored all the functions of the mobile app yet so I guess the desktop issue isn't a big one. Overall, a big kudos to you and this app. It certainly makes steeming easier.

I seriously wouldn't be as active in Steem if I didn't have eSteem! This app allows me to stay connected more than double the time.

great post, thanks for informations @good-karma 👍

Interesting post and very useful for all users steemit, thank you for sharing @ good-karma with this post maybe I can learn from you to be better and useful for my fellow greetings @dianclasher from indonesia.

Start here if you are new. it will give you the map to win in STEEMIT

As usual, great app! Great to see you making improvements! Thanks for the occasional upvotes! Great user. Anyway to vote for you as witness?

JK XD I voted for you a while ago

A nice post sir @good-karma. That post is educational. Good luck to you

Yesterday i created my account here and find also the esteem app.
Your posts are very usueful, especially for a newbie like me. Keep on going.

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Is there an eSteem application for PC, @good-karma?


It is for mobile and PC/desktop version is coming soon.

Thank you dear @good-karma! Useful info. I didn't know how I can find the users

Nice features

good and nice,I lile post

So, how do I see a list of available tags when I write a post?

Always Updating Your App, Good Job @good-karma Keep It Up :)

Seems to be very versatile .

thanks for the good work man, love the app, I'm using it 95% to post :))

Love using the app to be honest.

Good! Thanks you my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

A very informative post

I don't view solutions

Good luck..@good-karma..we proud of your wise to all man..

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Thanks for sharing @good-karma big hugs

When I used the app the first time... after I made a comment in a X post, my comment was voted by @good-karma and other 12 people (maybe the trail). Thank you!
Someone knows if it is only the first time? or maybe in a future it repeats?


Hi, It is part of eSteem encouragement program. You do receive votes for comments and posts made via eSteem. Not always but most of the time, abuse or spamming gets you to ignore list though. ;)

Good post freind

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awesome features . Just Upvote <3 Love to see @good-karma

Nice update. Looking forward to using these features.

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Thank you, that is a very useful app. Awesome.

I lake this post and you are is very very Good,
Thanks for @good-karma

Hey @good-karma any idea as to when the new version will be rolled out?


Hey @stonesteem, In few days, exact date is not set yet. Finalizing some testings and new features, it will be major release that we hope will surprise you :)


I'm sure it'll be great. Guess we'll just have to wait. Can't rush greatness! Lol.

Just installed the App thanks :)

Good app and easy toh use..(userfriendly app)

Awesome job sir. I've been using esteem for a while now, it's been awesome

Esteem memang hebat,,, good luck frend

Good job. Great feature and app.I'll download this app. And, then I will resteem, to information to my friend in Aceh Communty about this good news.You are vry populer in Aceh@good-karma,


@good-karma i love you

Great post and great development - keep it up and eSteem on!


Thank you Jeff, appreciate the comment! ;)

Thank you for writing this post. It was very informative and helpful and helped me understand better the hole process off how the system works. Thank you

A very interesting post and made my heart interested when I saw the greeting from me