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Hello, dear Steemian,
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eSteem is a supporting application of steatter diplatform which is very helpful and facilitate steemit users in tracing steemit platform in posting his works. eSteem a Blockchain-based Mobile Social Application founded by witness @good-karma in August 2016, powered by Steem and Golos.


Upvote @good-karma

How to steer the steemit for you, i'm here to share my experience about the role of eSteem for me on the steemit platform, it's the first time I start steemit I do not know about eSteem let alone use. in the days of my first week diplatform, mejust hear from my friends, they often discuss about @good-karma active, i am confused who is it @good-karma?
@good-karma is the witness that develops the eSteem application. It must be acknowledged for those who always want to get a reply from @ good-karma as the developer of the award itself and this. upvote from Witness @good-karma is one of the many steemian factors using eSteem even I first use the app eSteem also meplease upvote from Witness @good-karma because the upvote value is big enough for the steem beginner. eSteem can be said that our current application to survive in the steemit platform.


Ease of Application of eSteem

App eSteem also makes us younger to access Steemit via the device.because at present time I myself can not be separated by the device / smartphone android in today's life, almost wherever I step must always carry Android Smartphone device, this is the main reason I use the application eSteem. In Applications eSteem we can also turn on notifications with this we get a notification when there are friends or colleagues who commented on and upvote our post.


Home eSteem

Up to now I still use eSteem as a support application to access the steemit platform because it is very simple and simple eSteem application in us to use it to make posts or to see posting other stemian friends.

In eSteem application is also easy when we change our profile picture and also the cover photo is also the reason I still really like to use eSteem application samapai now, because it is very like to update my profile picture and cover. I hope for the future eSteem can continue to provide the best for us steemian success always for eSteem and also for the witness @good-karma.






Warm regards...!!!




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