Flowers bloom for their own happiness

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If you are hurt by someone, that's when you have to realize that there will be other people who will treat your wounds. In love, sometimes you have to learn to forget what you feel and start to find what you deserve.

You don't need everything if you just want to be happy. All you need is to learn to let go of things that keep you hurt. Stop looking for someone perfect. Find someone who treats you well and he feels happy when with you, and you feel comfortable at his side, love is about filling and understanding.

Real love is to let the person you love be himself and not turn it into the image you want. If not, you only love the reflection of yourself that you find in him. Quiet in my heart as if dancing in the cold of the night. Trembling when the moon incarnates in the night I want a beautiful love and I want a smile that never disappears. Is there love for stars who always faithfully accompany the beauty of the moon.


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