Daily Thought - Torture

in #essay4 months ago

I am damaged because of my mother, and two sister. I wish them dead. I don't know how to get that out of head. Because they treated me like I am their slave. Always demanding and never let me have my life and space. And they expect me do the work for them.

I don't know what left a lot of issues in the life and that has not changed for me. Some of my life issues are not changing and that means we have to learn to move ahead when we are being tortured. I hope these bitches if they are reading, I hope you rot in hell and men in your life never stay with you and use you and sell you.

I have lot of anger and resentment there. Because they seem to be very manipulative all of my life. Some of the really worst days that I had in my past were due to the torture that was happening in my life most of the time. Some of those simply didn't changed and I have to make changes to some of those mindset shifts that are meant to happen as well.

It's not easy and things are kind of hard if you ask me. It all comes down to how the torture is being viewed and managed some of the time. It would be possible for life to change but it's not easy.

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