Daily Thought - Pushing Slowly

in #essay5 months ago

Some people just get their work done. One day at a time. And that kind of builds their work. Some of the work is not easy to build into the work. So we have to really work around with the variety of things that we can build around. And it all comes down to how we handle the things.

In that sense you can see that you have to make sure to do one small thing a day. And let that momentum keep going. And when you do that it would get easier for you to work with what youc an do. I am kind of in a process to do just that. some people need to work around with in that context.

My understanding is that it can get really good to start with whatever we can imagine there. Some epople just take time because they don't know what can be done and what can be skipped. Some people need to build around. so we have to learn to do things that make sense.

In short we have to rely on our own mindset. We can only make some really good chhoices and also the thing is that it can get things moving and we just do what we can in the due process. So there are always those things that can be done the right way. So we do those things as well.

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