Daily Thought - Breaking the Maze

in #essay4 months ago

I kind of thinking of one maze to crack in life. Where things are just turning against me. Some of those things are something I am trying to crack for years. But the women in the maze make the maze changing every time I try to crakc the same. Something like that is not going to be any easy.

When you want to break the maze, make sure to learn to go ahead with the same. Some of the changes with the maze are not going to be any easy. Some ways those changes would be lot harder and some of the changes that you are trying to get over it would be reasonable to deal with as well.

My learning so far from the same approach is that trying to crack the same and also move ahead in life as well. So if things work out the right way it can get difficult if you ask me. I am trying my best to do things and also make the choices that would be pretty good in terms of the changes.

But I realized that this maze is made purposefully to trap me. So I am not going to crack it instead I would be thinking the same way the people who designed it thought. I am going to work against the makers of the maze and not play as per thie rules.

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