A few realizations on the way to growth

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Luck has its price

A person's greatest ability is not the ability to cheat, but conscientiously do things well. Willing to stupid kung fu, to achieve true kung fu.

The world is secretly rewarding people who take things seriously. If you perfunctorily, no one can let you win; If you are serious, fate will treat you with a thick reward. Diligent work, and practical life, are the truest truth on the way to growth.

It's really important to read more books

Some people do not like reading, nor can they read books, and even some people think that they can not remember anyway, it is better to use that time to brush videos, and play games, but happier.

The road of growth is lonely, but books can enrich your spiritual world and accompany you through the long years. As long as you keep reading, one day you will meet a better version of yourself.

Hold yourself in the trough

There will be high moments and low moments. In the face of the trough, wise people know to steady themselves.

No matter what situation you are facing, as long as you insist on self-adjustment and don't give up easily, you won't be trapped in place. May we all be optimistic in the face of the wind and rain in life, go forward, and live the best of ourselves.

Look inward

Always have a heart of introspection, there is a mistake that can be found in time, and there is the possibility of correction. Not facing up to their shortcomings, and not willing to accept what is beyond the scope of cognition, will only make them more and more narrow, and lose the opportunity for continuous progress.

I have heard a circle theory, and I think it is very reasonable: when your knowledge circle is getting bigger and bigger, you will also realize that the unknown area outside the circle is also getting bigger.

Accompany parents promptly

When we grow up, we are busy with school or work, and often just bury our heads in the front, but ignore the parents behind us in the hurry of time quietly old.

Relatives are only once fate, don't let your parents wait for a long time, but don't let your love be late.

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