Hero Baxia the amazing tank in MLBB

in esports •  last month 

Hi everyone on sports welcome back to another episode of hero spotlight a new hero Baxia will join us in the land of god passive. Baxia activates the Vasya mark permanently reducing the final damage received at the same time Vasya will reduce the region effect of the hit target first skill Baxia shield unity voseo R attracts himself into his shield and accelerates forward when hitting an enemy unit he will deal magic damage to it and enemies nearby stunning the target and slightly knocking other enemies nearby back during the process of accelerating forward use this skill again to launch Baxia upward so we can cross obstacles and enemy minions when leaping up if there is an enemy hero under Vasya he will strike at this hero dealing magic damage to this hero and other enemies around stunning the hit target and slightly knocking other targets.

Not far away back as the first skill enables Baxia to cross obstacles he can escape or chase after enemies more easily when this skill is activated second skill Shield of spirit Vasya throws his sheer board the shield would disappear upon giving any heroes or creeps dealing magic damage to the target and enemy minions according to their max HP marking them and slowing them down this skill can be used again in a short time if the shield hits a marked enemy the CD will be reduced only when Vasya hits the same enemy hero repeatedly with the shield of spirit and the CD remains short and more damage can be dealt continuously ultimate skill Tortoises poisons Vasya deploy front of shield and dashes forward crazily increasing his movement speed incessantly meanwhile he creates a lava path along the way dealing magic damage to enemies on the path during dashing forward the final damage he receives will be greatly reduced as Basia mark is activated when this skill is activated Basia should approach the enemies as close as possible to create more lava so as to deal more DPS vasya's first skill is activated.

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