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Following the development of the Battle Royale genre which is increasingly widespread thanks to the success and popularity of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, many developers certainly are interested in using similar concepts into their projects.

First released for mobile devices and then PC, Rules of Survival is a Battle Royale game with a fairly simple concept actually. You are still presented with a survival game scenario against 119 other players on an island. One main advantage that needs to be appreciated from this game is how the gameplay mechanism and all the features in it can be summarized very neatly. Simple, addictive, and certainly exciting, this is the experience most players feel after trying it out directly.

Because it has been released for two different platforms, you certainly have time to think about which platform is the most exciting to play Rules of Survival. If you are no stranger to the evolution of the Battle Royale genre in the past, PCs will certainly always be the most suitable and exciting platform for playing games from this genre. Although the mobile version seems more practical and comfortable to play, but the appeal of the PC version is still superior.

1.Performance and quality of graphics are more solid!

The biggest difference when playing ROS on mobile and PC is certainly in terms of performance and graphics quality. If on mobile there are still many players who often experience problems such as fast hot smartphones or stutter in games, on PC problems like this are very rare.
Because it not only comes with friendly performance for low-end class systems, but the graphics quality also looks clearer. For a Battle Royale game with a fairly solid gameplay, this factor is certainly a plus point that will make your playing experience even more exciting.

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